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Technical Assistance

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National American Indian & Alaska Native Trauma Treatment and Service Adaptation (TSA) Center at University of Iowa provides technical assistance (TA) and training specifically to those working with American Indian and Alaska Native communities in the areas of addiction, mental health, and prevention. Technical Assistance describes a range of supports our center provides to help those who work with people affected by trauma – including those working in schools – implement knowledge-based practices and culturally appropriate evidence-based practices, develop the workforce, and accelerate systems change. The type of TA provided depends on the specific project, topic, needs, context (barriers and facilitators to change), and desired outcomes. We also consider our overall TA portfolio and available resources. 

What is Technical Assistance?

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  • Universal TA is focused on building awareness and knowledge. Examples include resource identification (such as a guide on school mental health referral pathways) or training (webinars). 
  • Targeted TA is directed training or support to build skills. Examples include communities of practice (i.e., regional AWARE Communities of Practice), more in-depth training, learning communities, online courses, and webinar series. •  
  • Intensive TA is ongoing consultation with a group of agencies, school districts, states, or systems to accelerate and sustain practice change. Examples include state- or region-bound learning collaboratives or quarterly meetings, meeting with AWARE state leadership and partners for ongoing consultation, or providing performance feedback on a specific evidence-based practice.
Make a TA Request
Please fill out the form below to request technical assistance. We will review and let you know if and how we can help, or provide a referral to an organization that can help.

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