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Human Trafficking Awareness in Native Communities

Learn about Human Trafficking in Native communities, and resources and organizations working to combat human trafficking. 


Zero Discrimination Day 2023

This resource is a factsheet on Zero Discrimination Day, March 1, and includes what it is and its importance. 

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HIV & AIDS Awareness for Native Youth

This document covers what is HIV, who can get it, signs and symptoms, protection and prevention, and resources for those who test positive. 

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Flood Saftey Factsheet

This factsheet discusses American Indian and Alaska Native flood safety, preparedness, and aftermath response.

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PTSD Awareness Month

The National American Indian and Alaska Native Childhood Trauma Center TSA, Category II invites you to use this time to REFLECT on your past, REPAIR the present, and PREPARE for your future.

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Tornado Safety Factsheet

This resource covers tornado safety,
preparedness, and aftermath for teachers of
AI/AN Youth.

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COVID-19: Resilient Educator Toolkit

This resource is a toolkit on COVID-19, resiliency, and resources for educators.


May 5: National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons

Learn what you can do to honor, respect, remember, and share your voice for those whose voices have been forever silenced.

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Child Abuse Prevention Month Flyer

Learn how to recognize the signs of child abuse, how COVID–19 impacts children’s safety, and what resources are available for youth. 


School Counselor Appreciation Week

The United States celebrates National School Counselor Week in early February, but school counselors deserve our recognition and support throughout the year. This flyer offers resources for school counselors working with Indigenous youth.


Wildfire Safety, Preparedness,
and Aftermath Response for AI/AN Youth

This document covers how to remain safe when there is a wildfire watch, warning, or evacuation, and how to help your child respond. Knowing what to do before, during, and after a wildfire minimizes the risk of injury and increases your chance of survival.


Bullying Prevention Month

This flyer talks about what is bullying and its impacts on Native youth. It also provides resources and some programs and curricula. 

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Positive Talks: How Caregivers
Can Talk With their AI/AN Child About Current Events and the Impacts They Can Have on Them

The relationship that American Indian & Alaska Native youth have with family plays an immense role in how they cope with traumatic and adverse events.

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Zero Discrimination Day

This resource is a factsheet on Zero Discrimination Day, March 1, and includes what it is and its importance. 

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Trauma and Suicide Among AI/AN Youth

This resource on trauma, resiliency, and suicide prevention in AI/AN youth.

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Sexual Assault Awareness

This document teaches about the prevalence of sexual assault in AI/AN communities, importance of consent, and ways of self care and supporting loved ones. 

Tornado Factsheet
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AI/AN Historical and Generational Trauma

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